Tractors & Implements

Founded in 1946, Zetor has grown into one of the best known tractor manufacturers in Europe. More than a million Zetor tractors are in use in almost 100 countries around the world. The quality of Zetor tractors is assured by designing and manufacturing of most components by Zetor at the main plant in Brno, Czech Republic, a country with 100-year tradition of advanced engineering. Zetor strategy has always been based on practical innovation and gradual introduction of new features, only after they have proven themselves.

Zetor customers are demanding and value conscious professionals who want heavy-duty, well-built and extremely durable tractors at affordable prices, backed by quality services. A thorough comparison of competitive brands cost-feature relation shows that Zetor is a leader in providing value for the money. Zetor delivers a premium-quality product for the price of many light-duty competitors.