Tractors & Implements

With Wallenstein implements work feels a little more like play. Country property owners rely on Wallenstein for the right equipment. From forestry products, including wood chippers, splitters, skidding winches and log trailers, to backhoe attachments, manure spreaders and power products, the right tools turn big jobs into small tasks.

The three-point hitch is made up of several components working together. These include the tractor's hydraulic system, attaching points, the lifting arms, and stabilizers. The hitch lifting arms are powered by the tractor's own hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is controlled by the operator, and usually a variety of settings are available. The primary benefit of the three point hitch system is to transfer the weight and stress of an implement to the rear wheels of a tractor.

Choosing the right 3-pt. Hitch equipment can make or break your job. There are essentially five categories of 3-pt. Equipment. Cutters, ground engaging equipment, hay handling equipment, utility and XB. XB is a new category of 3-pt. Equipment which is designed for today’s sub-compact or small-framed compact tractors with 25 HP or less. This equipment looks and functions like regular equipment, but with a narrower hitch and lower center of gravity, it hooks up more easily to the tractor.

Foskett Equipment Inc. sells blades, rakes, tillers, mowers and other accessories to fit your 3-PT hitch needs

  • Wood Splitters
  • Wood Chippers
  • Chipper/Shredder
  • Manure Spreaders
  • Wood Processors
  • Backhoes